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About Us

Punayur's Money Plant is a part of Punayur (India) Pharmaceuticals (A GMP Certified Company) directed by Professionals with lots of knowledge and experience in multi level marketing. Punayur's Money Plant want to forward itís experience in the whole team of Punayur's Money Plant. Company offers a wide range of high quality, high performance herbal & FMCG products to meet the everyday need of your family & your costumers with the help of their experience and knowledge. Punayur's Money Plant, as it is evident by its name, that a system where a common life is being changed in to a royal one. Punayur's Money Plant, believe that every man has a Ďkingí inside, but the need to realize him. Today, according to our philosophy, it is not important that what you are but important is where you want to go. By the word of bill gatesí if you born poor itís not your mistake but if you die poor itís only your mistake. 80% of millionaires of world are not born with a silver spoon. They achieve all their things in their one life. The iron law of human destiny is the law of cause & effect. It says that there is a reaction for every action. Same is about success; success is also not an accident. If we come to know what has the successful people do, then we also come to know that how can we become successful. Catholic Marketing motive is to provide you all the information & secret of success and also provide a platform, a system where you can perform to make your own destiny, your own kingdom-your kingdom of success.

Dr. Bhupinder Singh
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